Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Question 7: Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

After my pre-lim task i learnt how to use photo shop and in design, i then chose which i prefered to work on, which was photo shop as i felt i could use it better and i knew more about it. Looking back on my pre-lim task, my front cover image i used was very bold, however i did not compliment it with the cover lines around it as the colour were all big and bold, there was nothing contrasting. Therefore this helped me in my music magazine to look at contrasting colours and how it fits in with my image and the theme. For my pre-lim task i did not use hierarchy of text this meant that a buyer could not tell which were the main features in the magazine, after looking back on the pre-lim task i noticed this straight away from comparing to other magazines and realised that the layout of my text for my music magazine had to be obvious and clear to my audience what was my main features. In my pre-lim task i limited my colour to just two different colours, which was not appealing for the audience, but also made the front cover look confusing and too full with the same colour as there were no contrasting of complimentary colours, therefore this resulted in me wisely choosing my colour my music magazine, as i wanted my main features to stand out, although i did not want my front cover to look congested with too much colour, so i picked complimentary colours which were simple and basic and not too bright. Overall i feel i learnt a lot of positive feedback for My pre-lim task however good points that i needed to take in to consideration when producing my music magazine, the main feedback that i got was about the colours that i used, this help me focus more on the colours that i wanted for my main magazine. I had good feedback on my front cover image for my pre-lim task, this influenced my front cover for my music magazine to be a mid-shit again big bold and eye catching, with good focus to make the reader feel part of the magazine. Overall i benefited from producing a magazine for the pre-lim task, as it helped me make many different decisions for my music magazine.

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