Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Question 2: how does your magazine represent particular social groups

I intended to aim my magazine at indie rock music lovers. I portrayed this by the use of clothing,pose and the overall appearance of the magazine. I used younger looking models reflect my target audience this is so i draw them in and the audience can relate to the models, this is why i chose to use younger looking models as my target audience is 15-21 rather then using younger or older models, i also used to boys as the front cover this is because i felt boys were a more appealing option and eye catching and it relates more to the genre of the magazine as it is directed at boys more then girls. For my double page spread I use the same two models, i used just one image. i made my models look dominating, their focus was look straight at the camera, this was so they look more powerful, i used a low angle shot to portray this. I wanted them to look like a realistic indie band so the audience could relate to it. I only used one image for the double page spread to make it more basic also so that's the first thing the reader saw, so straight away they knew what the page was about. The content for my double page spread was very informal and simple, i did this so the reader was constantly concentrated and not getting bored. I introduced the writing with a stand first so the reader had a greater understanding about what they were reading.

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