Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Question 1: In what ways does your music magazine use,develop or challenge forms and conventions of real music magazines?

I decided to create a music magazine targeting mainly teenagers aged 15-21. i chose to use forms and conventions of a realistic music magazine, to get the full potential of my music magazine. I used a mid-shot image to create realism and get the effect of a real music magazine. The models i used wore clothing that complimented the theme and genre of my magazine, this was so i got the full effect. I use hierarchy of text for my front cover, having my masthead as the biggest at the top of my page, i used a font style of 'Dafont' website so i had a wider option of choice when choosing, as i wanted to get a good effect on the masted, as it was the biggest cover line and needed to stand out the most, it is plain black with outline of white, this was quite basic however kept in the style of my theme and genre. I used grey red and black writing, i used these colours as they are complimentary, however don't contrast too much they also help each other stand out more so it makes it easier fort the cover Lonee to be read. My main cover lines were red with a grey outline to make it thicker and bolder. My cover lines were ordered in size of how big the feature was for example my main feature was focused on my band 'Bells and Banjos' therefore this cover line was the largest on the page, and they gradually got smaller. My cover lines anchor my front cover image as it is related to the band.

For my contents i kept in style with my front cover, this was so it related and didn't lose its theme or genre, also it looked like a genuine magazine if i kept with the house style. I used a basic white background so the page didn't look to congested with images and witting, and kept the colours grey and red. I used two different images one for my second feature, and my main feature of the band, i also added in different regulars and features that would appear in the magazine, this was so it was more realistic and like a actual magazine. I as had many different captions i used numbers so it made it easier for the reader to see where to go, and they could go straight to a specific page.

For my double page spread i created a word document and copied it in to a text box onto photo shop. i used one side of A4 for my writing and the other side for a large image of the band. The image was big and bold, and showed that the were dominant by looking in the camera and showing a strong focus. I used main pull out quotes on the image to show what the article is all about.

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