Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Question 5: How did you attract/address your audience?

My aim for my music magazine, was to address them in a slightly informal way so my audience felt like they were part of the magazine, and understood everything happening. I used basic tone and language with my cover lines, and used language as if the audience felt like they were being spoken to. I also used exclamation marks and punctuation to express the audience, to express the main features in the magazine, for example my 'plus' cover line was to suggest all the other things featuring in the magazine. My colours i used were grey black red and white, i chose these colours as they are complimentary to each other however contrasted when they were against each other, i also used these colours as they were bold and stood out this was also easy catching to my audience. My masthead was the largest font on the page and in different font style to the other cover lines so it was obvious to the audience what the name of my magazine was called. For my cover lines i used two different font styles, and hierarchy of text this was so it was evident the main features, i added in outlines for my text so they were bold and easier to read. I also added a text back for my 'plus' section so it was obvious it was there as it was at the bottom on the hierarchy of the text. For my front cover image i used a prop (guitar) this was to portray that the models were in a band together, their make-up and clothes were basic and simple linking into the theme and genre of the magazine.

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