Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Question 3: what kind of media institution might distirbute your magazine and why?

It is important for the music magazine industry to have supporters and publishers to help promote your magazine. I feel that the best company that would most benefit me the most is BaureRock, i believe this would be the most beneficial as they publish a lot of similar music magazines that helped me with different genres and themes to chose my final desisons made for example Kerrang! However although BaureRock is with a a few best selling music magazine, this could mean that there is a lot of competition for my magazine to do well and may not be a massive niche in the market for my magazine to do well. Therefore i thought i could use Development of Hell as they target a completely different audience and my competition for an indie music magazine wouldn't be as large as using BaureRock.
Overall i think i would prefer to use Development of hell to publish and distribute my music magazine, the reasons for this is so i could have a better chance in the industry and my competition wouldn't be as large.

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